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Year 5 Recommended Book List

Fiction, short stories, poetry, non-fiction and picture books for year 5

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Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo (group set, 7 books)

In fifth-century Denmark, a murderous monster stalks the night, and only the great prince of the Geats has the strength and courage to defeat him. Beowulf's terrifying quest to destroy... Read more


Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman (group set, 7 books)

Jamal loves playing football, which isn't easy when your goalie only has one leg and you have to dodge landmines to get your ball back. When he and his family... Read more


Casting the Gods Adrift by Geraldine McCaughrean (group set, 7 books)

A thriller set in ancient Egypt between 1351-1354 BC. Tutmose and Ibrim's father, the animal dealer, is commanded by the new pharaoh Akhenaten, to bring him animals - lots of... Read more


Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman (group set, 7 books)

Despite his Mum's insistence, Sam doesn't want to be friends with Davey, he thinks Davey's a first class, grade A, top of the dung heap moron. But one day Davey... Read more


Comedy, History and Tragedy, The of William Shakespeare (group set, 7 books)

Award-winning, beautifully illustrated introduction to William Shakespeare for children; celebrating his life, his most famous plays and the time in which he lived. Vividly brings to life Shakespeare's school days... Read more


Coraline by Neil Gaiman (group set, 7 books)

When Coraline moves to a new house she is fascinated by the fact that their house is in fact only half a house. Divided into flats years before, the other... Read more


Corpse Talk: Ground Breaking Scientists (group set, 7 books)

The dead are rising! Up out of the mouldering pages of history comes the chat show that digs the dirt on some of history's most famous, infamous and downright incredible... Read more


Eye of the Wolf, The by Daniel Pennac (group set, 7 books)

A classic essential with a new foreword by Michael Morpurgo The wolf has lost nearly everything on his journey to the zoo, including an eye and his beloved pack. The... Read more


Famous Adventures of Jack, The by Berlie Doherty (group set, 7 books)

Jill finds herself in a story-world of magicians and dragons and floating castles, apples of immortality and the most gruesome giant of all time. She meets Old Feller Storyteller, with... Read more


FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith (group set, 7 books)

When a father who dreams of flying goes off to war and does not return, his son decides to make the dream come true. Grahame Baker-Smith’s moving story, with stunning... Read more


Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick (group set, 7 books)

In an England covered by water, Zoe lives alone in the island of Norwich, lost by her parents in the rush to escape. Desperate to survive the marauding gangs, she... Read more


Flora and Ulysees by Kate di Camillo (group set, 7 books)

It begins as all good superheroes stories do with a tragic accident that has unexpected consequences. When Ulysees, the squirrel is sucked up the vacuum cleaner he is born again... Read more


Flotsam by David Wiesner (group set, 7 books)

A bright, science-minded boy goes to the beach equipped to collect and examine flotsam - anything floating that has been washed ashore. Bottles, lost toys, small objects of every description... Read more


From Hereabout Hill by Michael Morpurgo (group set, 7 books)

A spell-binding collection of short stories from Britain's best-loved children's author, Michael Morpurgo. Explore friendship, love, revenge, life and death in the pages of From Hereabout Hill Included in this collection of... Read more


Grimm Tales (group set, 7 books)

In this beautiful book of classic fairy tales, award-winning author Philip Pullman has chosen his fifty favourite stories from the Brothers Grimm and presents them in a'clear as water' retelling,... Read more


Hot Like Fire by Valerie Bloom (group set, 7 books)

When de July sun hot like fire, Den I have jus' one desire, To run down to de shop an' buy a Kisko pop. The World Is Sweet and Hot... Read more


House Held Up by Trees (group set, 7 books)

The children in the house trailed the scent of wild trees to neighbouring lots, where thick bushes offered secret places to play. When the children grew up and moved away,... Read more


How to Cook Children (group set, 7 books)

This unique children's book presents 'delicious' recipes from witches around the world. Every dish has one thing in common: the main ingredients are CHILDREN! In the classic, gruesome style typical... Read more


Imaginary, The by A F Harrold (group set, 7 books)

Rudger is Amanda’s best friend. He doesn’t exist, but nobody’s perfect. Only Amanda can see her imaginary friend - until the sinister, predatory Mr Bunting arrives at Amanda's door one... Read more


Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister (group set, 7 books)

Wanting to prove to his brothers and sister that magic really exists, Leon volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam's magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world. Filled with... Read more


Love that Dog by Sharon Creech (group set, 7 books)

Slowly Jack learns the pleasures of writing poetry as Miss Stretchberry encourages him to tell his own story through verse. What emerges is a moving and memorable story about a... Read more


Monster Slayer by Brian Patten, Chris Riddell (group set, 7 books)

The monster Grendel has awoken and the townspeople are terrified. Even the King has abandoned his great Hall. Hero after hero comes to slay the monster, but no one can... Read more


Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond, Dave McKean (group set, 7 books)

The gods have created a world - they've built mountains, a sea and a sky - and now their days are filled with long naps in the clouds (and tea... Read more


My Friend Walter by Michael Morpurgo (group set, 7 books)

Bess Throckmorton meets an old man at a family reunion who tells her that Sir Walter Raleigh is one of her ancestors. Curious to see where he was imprisoned, she... Read more


My Place by Nadia Wheatley, Donna Rawlins (group set, 7 books)

My Place traces the history of one small part of Australia and the people who have lived there, from the Dreaming until the present day. As time folds rhythmically backwards,... Read more


Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot (group set 7 copies)

'The cat himself knows and will never confess...'. This edition of T S Eliot's original book of Practical Cats  was commissioned to celebrate Old Possum's 75th anniversary with lively new illustrations from Rebecca... Read more


Sensational by Roger McGough (group set, 7 books)

Roger McGough has drawn together a stunning collection of poems inspired by the five senses. Gems from the very best classic and contemporary poets such as Carol Ann Duffy, Ian... Read more


Shackleton's Journey by William Grill (group set, 7 copies)

In the last days of the Heroic Age of Exploration, Ernest Shackleton dreamed of crossing the frozen heart of Antarctica, a place of ferocious seas, uncharted mountains and bone-chilling cold.... Read more


Short by Kevin Crosssley-Holland (group set, 7 books)

In this wonderful collection of very short stories from award-winning author, Kevin Crossley-Holland, none of the stories is more than two pages long, and some are much shorter. There are... Read more


Silver Donkey, The by Sonya Hartnett (year 5 group pack, 7 books)

This is an inspirational illustrated novel for younger readers from one of Australia's foremost children's writers and recipient of the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award. .One morning in the woods of... Read more


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (group set, 7 books)

The classic Arthurian legend is brilliantly recreated by an award-winning author/illustrator team.Of all the tales of the Knights of the Round Table, the story of Sir Gawain and the Green... Read more


Stone Age Sentinel by Paul Dowsell (group set, 7 books)

Usborne's newspaper history books present facts about various periods in history through the use of a fictional tabloid newspaper.  Fictionalised newspaper Also available Egyptian Echo, Greek Gazette, Roman Record, Viking... Read more


Tales from India by Bali Rai (group set, 7 books)

A collection of 20 stories from India's rich folklore heritage. From wicked magicians to wise old priests, charming princes and beautiful princesses, to greedy tigers and wily jackals, these magical... Read more


Tales from the Caribbean by Trish Cooke (group set, 7 books)

A collection of favourite tales gathered from the many different islands of the Caribbean, one of the world's richest sources of traditional storytelling. From the very first Kingfisher to Anansi... Read more


The Journey ( group set, 7 books)

A haunting echo of today, this beautiful book explores the unimaginable decision to abandon home in the face of war. picture book striking illustration thought provoking themes, refugees, asylum seekers Read more


Unforgotten Coat, The by Frank Cottrell Boyce (group set, 7 books)

This is a moving story of a summer of friendship with darker undertones of the plight of refugees. Two refugee brothers from Mongolia are determined to fit in with their... Read more


Varmints by Helen Ward (group set, 7 books)

“Once, the only sounds to be heard were the buzzing of bees in the grass, the murmuring of moles in the earth, and the song of birds in the sky.... Read more


Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne (group set, 7 books)

Four different voices tell their own versions of the same walk in the park. The radically different perspectives give a fascinating depth to this simple story which explores many of... Read more


What's Eating You? by Nicola Davies (group set, 7 books)

Former presenter of 'The Really Wild Show', Nicola Davies writes with authority, humour and integrity about the natural world. This beautifully designed book makes good use of layout to present... Read more


William Shakespeare (group set, 7 books)

The life of William Shakespeare is vividly depicted, from his birth in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, childhood and schooldays, through apprenticeship at his father' s glove-making shop, his marriage to Anne... Read more


Zoo by Anthony Browne (group set, 7 books)

Dad, mum and two brothers spend a day at the zoo, looking at the animals in the cages - or is it the animals that are looking at them? Free... Read more